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Monday, April 17th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

Up at 6.20. Fried bacon in a hurry & made breakfast – Corporal (Rev.) Sam Krell of Co. K. 51st Iowa Vol. Inf. – and I – of bacon, bread, pie and lemonade. My cocoa had given out. Don’t use tea or coffee. Krell slept in my room last night on the floor. Prayer together after breakfast. I loaned him my Bible to read a morning portion. Breakfast finished together we hastened to a Chinese photographer on Calle Nueva, where I looked at some of his (Krell’s work). K. instructed the Chinese to let me have 10 prints @ 20 American money each. Another rush. This time to the train on the Pasig quay. Got there 8.a.m. The last detachment of the 51st Iowa was on the train en route to the front. Brother Peter Shipper of the U.S. Engineer corps was down there with his wagon and team. Had a few San Francisco War Crys under his seat. Corporal Krell wanted to visit “Freedom” office on the Escolta. I spoke to Shipper & he gave us a place by his side on the seat & put us down beyond the Gen’l Blanco Bridge. Together we (K & I) visited the newspaper office. On the wagon I inquired of Shipper his spiritual standing. Replied that he is doing well in his soul. At the Freedom office I parted from Krell. Purchased some sea shells for my collection, also groceries.

Arriving home turned my attention to my Philippines narratives & completed it up to date – 8 pages MS under the following subheads, “Uncle Sam’s Railroad”, “On The Battle Line”, “A Spaniard Killed”, “Malolos”. Also sent a photograph: an Aguinaldo demonstration in Malolos at the time of declaring the “republic”. Wrote a letter to Lt. Col. Wm Evans & sent with it, also wrote my 23d weekly letter to Lieut-Col. Alice Lewis, New York & a letter to Private Geo Berry, Convalescent Hospital, Corregidor island. Copied these letters. Also made up a package of religious papers – specially War Crys – for him – Berry.

Brother Ed Stockton , Co. H. 1st Colorado Vol. Inf. Walked in from the water works, 9 miles. In answer to my interrogations said the Lord healed his backslidings & he is now saved. He prayed God to do it about the time of his last visit to No. 2. It will be remembered Stockton left a letter on my table requesting prayer on his behalf. The news of Stockton reclamation was cheering to me. Praise & glory to my precious God, who is so wonderful in mercy.

We prayed together before S. returned to his company.

Rev. & Mrs. Owens returned home from the bay. Bro. O. paid me $17.50 Mex, rent for his 3 rooms and kitchen for the month March 16th to April 15th.

Cooked supper. Busy all day. Time passes so swiftly. The Manila dailies surprised us with news of war just starting between England and China outside of Kowloon, near Hongkong, where Ensign May Jackson resides.