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Saturday, April 22, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

Blinding flashes of lightning, thunder and a rain is at the time of writing relieving the monotony of hot day. The weather was unusually warm, although quite breezy.

The rumored uprising of Filipinos last night failed to materialize. I am glad to state. Capt. Morrison & his daughter Agnes stayed in No. 2 Agnes slept with Mrs. Owens & the Captain & Rev. Owens occupied on of my rooms.

God the Holy Ghost manifested His love & presence in my soul last night. Glory to His ever blessed name.

This morning a chaplain in Leviticus & one in the Song of Solomon claimed my attention; then prayer, after this I cooked breakfast, washed dishes & struck out for the post office. Received quite a few War Crys & other papers & letters for Rev. Owens & myself. While in town purchased a pitcher & 2 glazed cups from a Chinese firm for house keeping purposes. Also bought some beautiful shells for my collection from a Filipino woman. The variety of beautiful & strange shells in my possession make my cabinet quite respectible in size & value.

Was shaved in a Spanish barber shop on the Escolta. My last shave was in a Filipino barber shop at Cavite. I do not like to take chances on Filipinos. They are considered treacherous.

Private D.G. Hines dropped in again. Treated the 2 of us to prune pie (30 cts, Mex) & lemonade for dinner.

Arose from this morning with a headache, which troubled me all day. Felt like resting. Put in several hours reading War Crys, Houston “Ports” etc. The ship channel (Buffalo Bayon) from Galveston Bay to Houston interests me much.

Recommenced another article for the S.A. magazines “Harbor Lights.” Have been tumbled by visitors of late who spoiled my time for literary work.

Wrote & copied a letter to Bro. Hans Veiweibe, Brigade Hospital, Cavite, sending receipt for $7. Tenth League Payment also encouraged him spiritually.

I am much concerned to know how the trouble between the U.S. field staff & Booth-Tucker is shaping.