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April 27th-99

Filips close, so at 9.30 we filed across the creaking bamboo bridge –Co’s D, F & H, and in an hour Co’s G & L came up from Pateros. Scouts advanced to within 30 yds of old church when fired upon by the flips who were strongly entrenched behind stone walls of the ruined village.

…and seriously wounded. Four dead and . number may die. We have no idea of the havoc wro’t on other side, but, judging by bloody indications it must have been terrible. We found 25 new graves where dead ins. were buried from our last fight on 20th. Co’s H & L crossed field to protect our rt. and were engaged all day. A battalion of 12th U.S. inf. came to our support but themselves engaged the enemy and did not reach us as they had them all they could do to save themselves. Was very hot, close to 100º and many went to rear suffering sunstroke, altogether it was a hard fight. Had to take Corp Phelps place on guard and I had upper river outpost No. 1. I doubled up the watches, 30 min from 7 to 9 –then I stood until 10.40 –then two privates until 2– then two until first call at 5 a.m. When we came in a good deal of firing to the west, and several times filip scouts were close.