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Monday, May 1st, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

Heavy clouds on the horizon; no rain; cool when quiet; hot when exerting oneself; thunder & lightning tonight.

Finished reading Leviticus this morning. Then prayed. Slept but little last night. Have been very busy today.

Cooked breakfast & supper & washed the dishes.

Agreed to pay Maria Panga, the Filipino widow employed as servant by Rev. Owens, $2 a month Mex. to keep the floor of my rooms clean & to scrub the smoke off my stew pans regularly. Owens pays her $10 a month. After washing dishes, Rev. Owens & I went to the Imperial photo’ gallery. Looked out a specimen print of No. Calle Santa Elena. Is quite good. My films are not ready. Next called at the post office. On the Escolta I bought 3 or 4 sea shells, also groceries.

In the post office Private Chas W. Nelson of Co. L. 13th Minnesota vol. Infantry said Peter Fallon of the same company told him that Marshall (from his description I concluded he meant Brigadier Steve Marshall of Oregon & Washington) left the Salvation Army and joined Ballington Booth’s volunteers. Nelson claims to be a Salvationist.

Brother Geo. Turner & his family visited the Owens; T. is of the Ecclesia mission, or Come Outers. He looks bad. Had diarrhea. I gave him $5 gold, the Lord’s tenth paid in by me. Turner said “God bless you.”

Mounted orderly Clayton Scott rode up on his pony to No. 2. Paid his tenth, $3 with a greenback. Before parting we prayed together.

I then took street car & went out to Malate, 2d Reserve Hospital. Expected first to call on Bro. Mason of Co. D. 9th U.S. Regular Infantry, but on my way to his barracks I passed him on the street. He saw me. Was marching with a squad of men away to do the guard duty.

Called at the 2d Reserve Hospital to see Bros. Temple and Freeman. The former was absent & the latter was sent to the regimental quarters.

My next move was to the 1st Reserve or Divisional Hospital. Bro. Geo. Schumerhorn who is up again, praise God. Seemed glad to have me come. Together we walked around Ward 16 (a row of tents) where lay Bro. D. G. Hines stretched on is back. Was sent here with a high fever but is improving. After some conversation Schumerhorn and I knelt beside his cot & prayed.

On my return home brought more eatables. Bought $5 gold worth of Mex. silver; only received 2 for 1.

The Lord grace me to speak to a number of men about Christ & salvation. Did more writing on my “All the World” article re my Philippine Island experiences.