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Sunday, May 7th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

A hot day, tropical heat, with the clammy perspiration peculiar to Manila, standing on my face in bead-like drops. The night closes in with heavy thunder, sheet lighting and rain. No rest for me this day. Hurry from daylight to dark. Am tired, but am grateful to God because the time has been well spent. I shall not have to live this day over again. What has been done is now a matter of record.

Read a chapter in Numbers & part of a psalm. Prayed. Cooked breakfast, partook thereof & washed dishes. Bro. Clayton Scott came in while I was so engaged. Chief Clerk Norton of the U.S. Quartermaster department gave him a half day furlough & Scott availed himself of the time to use it for God. I prepared for Scott & myself 2 cups of lemonade. Let Mrs. Owens have a bottle of lime juice. She was unwell last night & large part of today.

Scott & I prayed then via the Paseo Azcarraga walked over to Bilibid prison thro’ the hot sun, but had the benefit of my umbrella. This was my first attempt to take an assistant in with me, but I had no difficulty at the gate which is kept by an American corporal with Kragg-Jorgenson rifle in hand and a Filipino. When we arrived Lieut. Wolff had finished inspection so Provost Sergeant Houser lost no time to announce my service and unlock the door for such as cared to come. Only 3 military prisoners availed themselves of the priviledge. Held our service as usual in the civil prison. It was almost empty. The prisoners had in the majority of cases shipped for they are usually sailors and beach-combers who “do time” in this part of Bilibid.

Audience including Scott 6. I made it a point to serve them as faithfully as I would a larger crowd. Scott helped me. His assistance was very welcome to me. God the Holy Ghost blessed the service. At the close a soldier who has had the subject under consideration sometime at our invitation kneeled down beside a bunk. Scott & I dealt with him there. I also personally solicited others. In a short time the soldier claimed victory & stood up to exhort the company present. Name: Private Clayton Freeman, American born in Tennessee, Co. A, 1st Colorado Vol. Infantry. We returned home rejoicing for this soul the Lord gave us.

Took a lunch of pie and lemonade.

Scott concluded to make a whole day of his furlough. The Quartermaster Dep’t. has kept him at work every Sunday since the Filipino war started.

Together we prayed, then took the Calle Jolo street car and charged to a Malate car near the Bridge of Spain. Arrived at the 2d Reserve Hospital in good season – 2.05p.m. I went immediately to the dormitory where Bro. Archer Temple and other Hospital employees sleep & discovered him playing cards with a party of men at a table. He was surprised & evidently disconcerted to be caught at such employment & I have felt sad since then because of the discovery. I inquired if he could give me a little of his time. Temple ceased playing & came out. Acknowledged that he has lost ground in his soul spiritually. He took me at my request to see the chief Steward, I asked the priviledge to hold a service in the hospital at 2.30 p.m. The request was granted but tho Steward said the time was rather short for preparations. He sent Temple thro’ the wards to announce the service & had seats & tables arranged in the dining hall, also a glass & pitcher of ice water placed thereon. In the meantime I asked the sentry at the gate to pass in any Salvationist or other Christian who might come to assist me & stationed Scott there to identify them. I then went over to the adjoining nipa barracks where are quartered parts of the 9th U.S. Inf. & other commands to Co. D to find Private (Bro.) Walter Mason. He was absent. I returned to the hospital & found that room ready. No help came, not even Temple. We started the service & carried it through to the finish. Audience present 28. No souls forward. Closed the service. And thanked the steward.

Met Bro. Glunz of the Christian Commission under the verandah. Said he came too late for our meeting. Us 3 walked over to the Nipa barracks where again I tried unsuccessfully to find Bro. Mason. After that we separated & I returned home weary & hot but cooked supper. Left the dishes over to be washed tomorrow.

The Holy Ghost manifested His love in my soul last night. I am thankful to my God for His infinite goodness to me.