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Monday, May 8th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo Dist.

This day was specially given to literary work. Wrote 17 pages MS. Note size, for the San Francisco War Cry, a continuation of my Philippine narrative. The article was divided into the following subheads: “War-Time Visitation”, “Saved in Prison”, “Paombong”, “Bank of the Bagbag” and “Calumpit.” Completed my article then wrote & copied a letter to Lieut. Col. Wm Evans to go with it, hurried on my street wear, jumped on the Calle Jolo house car about 6.p.m. & mailed the latter to catch tomorrow a.m. U.S. mail. While down town purchased 2 ½ lbs ordinary canvas bacon for $1.25 Mex. Then onto a return car & cooked supper after my arrival. This rush wears me out. Have had much writing since coming to the Philippines, to claim part of my time and strength.

The little monkey we call “Old Man” bit me this afternoon. Before dinner visitors claimed quite a slice of my time.

Brother W.J. Mason Co. D. 9th U.S. Infantry and an unconverted comrade dropped in first.

Bro. Mason surprised me very much by making the statement that his regiment was called to arms 3 o’clock yesterday (if my memory serves me) morning & that at present they are not allowed to take their clothes off at night, not even their shoes & leggings, but are kept ready for instant action in anticipation of another uprising in Manila. I thought such an event was far beyond the might-be’s nowadays because their first attempt proved a failure, 2d the the newspaper report President Mabini deposed, Gen’l Luna shot in the right breast, disaster to the Filipino cause of the field and Aguinaldo seeking peace. Able bodied Filipino men are becoming very numerous in the city.

Bro. Hines called. Looks bad. Left a sword with me for one of his comrades, date 1614. A curious relic with silver handle.

I spoke to Bro. Mason’s comrade personally about seeking Christ for salvation. Before the soldiers retired, myself, Hines and Mason had prayer together.

This morning first thing read a chapter of “Numbers” and a psalm. Prayed. Cooked breakfast.

Senorita Romano Francia brought me a woman jacket (Filipino) Paid her $1 Mex for making it.

Price in some lines are very high at present. I paid $1.20 for 200 small pieces or sticks of wood.