Friday, May 12th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

Busy day. Hot and dry. Clouds but no rain. Chapter in Numbers and a psalm, prayed, then cooked breakfast & the new servant washed dishes.

While cooking Mr. Randall colporteur of the British Bible Society dropped in. From him secured the correct names (Lallane & Castells) of the 2 men poisoned in the Hotel de Oriente some years ago. They came to the missionary work on non – R – Catholic lines. Wanted these points for my London War Cry article. The latter was enclosed with a letter in an official envelope & also 3 photos for illustrations, one I purchased for 40 cents mex, before closing the envelope. Also forwarded to Lt.-Col. Wm Evans, San Francisco for S. F. War Cry, a mounted photo of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena. The London Cry matter was mailed to the Foreign Secretary.

Rev. Owens & I went to the post office together. My letters were in time to catch today’s U.S. mail by a transport.

A pile of letter were handed me by the delivery clerk.

(1) Commander Booth-Tucker, New York, Apr 8 – a type written circular letter giving account of the S.A. his first of a series.

(2) Lt-Col. Wm Evans, San Francisco, noting mine of 20th March – his date Apr. 17th. Glad I am here to represent S.A. in perilous place. Enclosed 4 weeks salary, date of receipt Apr 11th.

(3) Lt-Col. Wm Evans, S.F. Apr. 11th Enclosing a letter from Lawyer W. E. Duncan Jr. of Oroville, Butte Co. Cal. Latter for legal work for securing Hughs estate legacy for S.A. charge $35, fee. Wants me to collect curios for the same.

(4) H.P. Beach, Educational Sec. Student Volunteer Movement, New York April 1st Wants me to collect data for a missionary geography. Sends a blank with many questions for me to fill out.

(5) Chas R. Fletcher, Boston, Mass. Apr. 11th A good, zealous Christian. Personal friendship. God bless him.

(6) Adjutant Tom. J. McGill. Dawson City, North West Ty-Klondike region – March 10th. Personal letter of friendship. S.A. is doing quite well in the Klondike country.

(7) W. Coy. Barnes, Royal Marines, 48 mess. H. M. S. “Powerful”. Saw my name in a newspaper. Would like me to come out to the vessel. Nine Christians aboard. Wrote him an answer & put up a bundle of papers 15 War Crys, different countries, I Junior Soldier paper, 3 “Harbor Lights” & 13 “Under the Colors” (Army & Navy League Journal. Promised the Lord willing, to visit the “Powerful” Tuesday p.m. next.

From the post office Owens & I visited the Imperial Photo gallery, 6 pictures of No. 2 were turned over to me – 2 mounted & 4 unmounted. Price of $3 Mex. Paid it. Out of 36 views – Kodak only got 8 & they very poor. Will have them ready tomorrow.

Arrived home hot & tired. Went thro’ my mail. Private Chester Blaney, Co. H. 10th Penn. Vol. Inf. of Cavite, dropped in.

Been sick, looks bad. He partook of a lunch with me. Bread & butter & lemonade. Paid me Tenth League money $6.50 Mex. Remained a couple or more hours to rest & talk. Before leaving we prayed together.

Rev. Owens said he rec’d a letter stating Bro. Hines was in No. 16 ward, No 1 Reserve Hospital again. We prepared to call. When about to leave No. 2, Private Clayton Scott rode up. We had a brief conversation & prayer, then Owens & I went to the Hospital. Visited Ward No. 3 to see Private Schumerhorn, D. Co., 2d Oregon Vol. Inf. Gone to Corregidor Is. convalescent.

Owens & I separated. I hurried to post office & collected $36. Apr. 11th postal note, my salary for 4 weeks, then walked down to port captain’s & gave the bundle of papers – Crys – to a British tar (Christian) for Barnes on the “Powerful.” Had a brief spiritual talk. Returned home, filled my lamp with oil, cooked supper, ate thereof & wrote & copied a letter to Lt. Col. Wm Evans. Thus the hot day closes & I am tired in the Lord’s work but not tired of it.

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