Sunday, June 18th 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

Out of bed before reveille sounded over in the artillery barracks – Cuartel Meisig.

Private Frank Annie, H. Battery, 3dReg’t Heavy Artillery came down on the midnight train last night & hurried around to my house at an early hour. I was in the back yard. Returning found a slip. Wanted his baggage to go aboard the Transport “Indiana”. Pulling on my coat I hastened over to Cuartel Meisig. Annie was at breakfast. Came over immediately offer eating & packed up his clothes, curios etc. in his valises, telescope etc. & employed a Filipino to help him carry them. This war has proved a God-send to him.

Formerly a Salvationist belonging to Los Angeles Cal. Corps. he backslid, had a quarrel with his wife, separated from her & his child & in a fit of despondency & spite enlisted in the U.S. Army & was assigned to Battery H. He accompanied his battery on the “Newport”. The Lord used me to hold services on the “Newport”  between San Francisco & Honolulu & to deal with him personally. In the meeting led by me the night of our stay in Honolulu, Annie went to the penitent-form & the Lord healed his backsliding. From swearing & gambling A. turned to the service of God up to present date walked faithfully with his God. During the Filipino insurrection & the short Spanish war Annie proved himself a brave soldier. Capt. O’ Hara gave him an excellent discharge certifying to the same. He will act as a guard on ship-board & be mustered out in San Francisco. From there he will return home to his wife as their differences have been amicably settled. Both claims to be Christians. So the Lord has indeed blessed Annie. Before leaving he & I prayed together in my bedroom.

Cooked breakfast of ham, coffee & oatmeal mush.

My bowels at times are loose, again I have a touch of dyspepsia. My diet is not suitable, I fear, to the climate.

After breakfast got my Bible lesson & picked out songs for my Bilibid prison service. Also read a chapter I Deuteronomy. At 25 mins to 10, started out afoot for the prison. Sergeant Houser open the prison door for the prisoners. Just as my crowd was coming out the bugler sounded sick call. However, the Lord gave me an audience of 17 seamen or civilian & soldiers. The Holy Ghost used His servant & much interest was manifest. Three hands up for prayer. Two soldiers knelt down beside a bunk. The prisoners looked on with interest. The prisoner, Clayton Freeman who professed conversion May 7th, prayed aloud while I dealt with the 2 penitents. Explained the way of salvation to them; also prayed in their behalf and persuaded them to pray. After a little while both claimed to find victory thro’ the Lord Jesus Christ. Both openly testified to that effect before their companions. Glory to God.

Names: Mike Slattery, G. Co. Ist South Dakota Vol. Inf.

Convert: Olga Rickard, C. Co. 1stSouth Dakota Vol. Inf.

Getting the company to join me in the Lord’s prayer at the close I dismissed the service, rejoicing because God led souls to Himself; praise be to His dear, precious name.


By request left all the song books with the prisoners for singing purposes during the absence.

Skipped lunch, because am feeling dyspeptic.

Looked thro’ some of the magazines given me by Rev. C. Owens. There is quite a pile. Read “City of the World’s Fair”, (Chicago) in “Cosmopolitan”, “Running Trains by Telegraph”, “Five Hundred Years of the Anglo-Saxon” & “Forerunners of Empire” in “Mc Clure’s Magazine” & “The Metropolitan Museum” (in “Century”).

Private (Bro.) V. Heran, Co. F. 1st Nebraska vol. Inf. called while so engaged. Laid aside my reading & commenced immediately to ply Heron with searching questions re his spiritual state. My letter reached him & the conversation was designed to supplement the letter. Heron with tears in his eyes confessed himself in a backslider state. Together we prayed, kneeling by the writing table in my front room or parlor. Both prayed the dear Lord. When he arose, H. said the Lord restored him again. To God thanksgiving was offered. It was in this room, kneeling near the same table, Sunday September 18th1898, that Heron was first saved. Since then he has seen much service & been in many fights. Now God in mercy brought him back to the same place for healing of his backslidings. God’s ways are truly marvelous. Heron expects this will prove his last visit, as the Nebraskans are packing up & may embark tomorrow on a transport. Heron passed unscathed through 21fights. In a night engagement with the Spaniards. August 21898, a bomb shell exploded overhead. The concussion knocked Heron down & a fragment carried away the top of the head of comrade near by. Heron now expects to return to Nebraska, take his wagon & peddle. Has saved enough money to engage in business. Expects also to support his aged father. God bless the boy & make him a whole-souled follower of Jesus. Amen. I gave Heron a photo I took of him at the Bagbag bridge.

So the volunteers are clearing out. I have a feeling that I will be recalled to the United States.

God the Holy Ghost blessed me in my soul last night. My God is exceedingly good to me. I love Him & He loves me.

Cooked supper. Stomach still giving a little trouble.

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