Sunday, June 25th 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

Cloudy but no rain during the forenoon; afternoon heavy rain; night closes in stormy. The atmosphere is becoming cool.

The Utah brass bandsmen across the street are preparing for home; their blasphemous tongues which sting the ear of decency will no longer be heard in this neighborhood. The swearing habit and lewd talk of the American soldiery disgraces our nation. The native women & children are learning the terrible habit. Our soldiers are no credit Christianity; they are wicked in spite of Christian teachings. Poetical & prose writers are already holding up the American soldier as a model of all that is heroic & noble. Daily contact with him dispels the illusion. Extremes meet in our army. Shoulder to shoulder we find the best and worst of men, fighting for the starry flag. I have met some spending men in this army and some – dogs.

Chapter in Deuteronomy was followed by prayer. God the Holy Ghost blessed me by manifesting His presence in my soul last night. God is good to me; promise to His dear name.

I cooked breakfast of coffee and oatmeal. The same with a banana or two constituted my breakfast. Since slacking up on fried ham & “lime-juice” lemonade I feel better.

Following breakfast, got a lesson & selected 2 or 3 songs for my service, then walked down Paseo Azcarraga to Bilibid prison. A man was sent around to open prison down for as many prisoners as cared to attend. A poor specimen  of a regular soldier was detailed to attend my meeting with Kragg-jorgensen, to watch presumably the prisoners. We entered the civil prison where a new batch of incarcerates greeted us. One (a new man) said he was sick & did not want to be disturbed. I did not believe his statement. He kept his tongue busy during the service & made some of the other noisy. The guard too, called time on me. Remarked that he did not want to stay there. The prisoners were too cross to listen to religious talk. Empty stomachs put them in an ugly mood; had no breakfast. In spite of disturbances I went ahead trusting the Lord to bless my efforts. Some one serious face listening to me. We encouraged because when I knelt to pray, one of last Sunday’s seekers, also knelt. At the close several prisoners repeated after me the Lord’s prayer. Closed & distributed 9 San Francisco War Crys – 3 editions. Audience 17. When I was ready to depart Serg’t Williams entered with a basket of bread & other supplies. The aching void in empty stomachs probably was filled after my exit.

High tide backed the estero’s over the street, so to avoid wading thro’ water on my way home, went around by the way of the Hotel de Oriente to Cuartel Meisig. Found even the sidewalk overflowed in front of my domicile in Calle Santa Elena.

Read several magazine articles. Had no callers.

Cooked supper of oatmeal mush and cocoa.

My thoughts often cross the ocean to the United States, I wonder continually what is going on there whether there is a struggle between the Booth-Tuckers & Chief Dismissal Officers. God keep the Salvation Army from ________ strife.

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