June 26th-99

At 10.30 a.m. Co’s D & H started out along the lake and marched until we struck an ins. outpost. I was thrown forward with 1st squad and we soon had them on the run along the lake road to Muntinlupe [Muntinlupa]. When I reported back to the Maj. the 4th Cav of Troop I was there. They threw out and advanced with us, and went on past the ruins of Mar. 19th & 20th. We got a number of prisoners, but could not bother, so let ’em go. We, the advance, run up against a good river. The ins. were on the opposite bank, in trenches. The 1st Lieut of Cav said, “at ’em boys,” and we started, but only one trooper and Pri. Witghtman & I reached the other side –and lo! the nigs were on the run. Trenches ten ft. & art. proof. We burnt the barracks and the rebs formed 600 yds. away and W. and I went at them and they run. Reckless in us. Watch tower 60 ft high. Cav. forded & went on & we swum back & reported to Co at Del Cupon. Lagune [Laguna] de Bay was busy with cannon and rapidos. Two troops dismounted from cascos and while they fought Co’s D & H laid back in reserve. Niggers retreated leaving dead & wounded and great quantities of provisions and a large herd of horses. Cav lost one man. Started home at 6 p.m. –dark in woods, but made good time, reached barracks at 9. A march of at least 20 miles. Cav camped on trail. Some Amigos shot on us on way home. Fishers at work on lake. Goodbye Book –Adios!

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