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Tuesday 8/8 –1899

Hot today, and a good deal of line shooting. In eve, at retreat, the ins. opened up both S & N lines, the 21st answered with volleys but I walked down to hear the band concert. Got mail today from home written 6/27, from Etta Son written 6/23, Miss J. Adams written 6/25, Mrs. Morgan Skaguay 6/19, and Senora Rivera y Aguilar in Manila.

The firing rose to quite a fight, the outposts firing, 21st volleying and the artillery sending messages of peace, at the hills where the smoke of their fires rose, where the main ins. Army lays and watches us. Well, let ’em watch, I’m going to take off my high boots for once, & go to bed. I relieve the No. 3 outpost on our line in the morning, and take No. 5 at night, on the road.