Saturday 8/19/1899

Calamba is well-drained and is swept in eve by fresh winds from Laguna de Taal (SW) in Batangas Provincia, which makes the city a very healthy place. Troops are in good shape, except for natural results of heavy outpost duty –fever and diarrhea. Natives speak very little Spanish, are very healthy and are insurrectos, every one. Houses are thatched with grass. Cocoa nuts 5¢ –bananas 1¢, oranges 1¢ Mexican. Orders at 1 p.m. to fall in, –and a new Batt of 21st relieved us, on line and provost.

Loaded my rations on car and had them on board cascoe by 3 p.m. Picked up by “Oceania” and started out into lake at 5 p.m. Was raining hard, the heavy clouds hung low over Calamba’s haunted peak, and, as we pulled away, the sound of ringing volleys from rt. f outpost lines, reached us thro’ the rain and breakers, borne on wings of the rising storm… “Adios, Calamba.” We shaped a N course, wind sharp and squally from NW with driving rain, and were soon bro’t around and dropped anchor, where we laid in the rain & wind until 5 a.m.

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