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Apr 18th, 1900

Sunday I wrote a little more & went to the cockfights again. Monday I got up at 3 A.M. and went with a detachment to Orani (we were till 5 getting started). We brought back 34 bull cartloads of stuff, the beginning for a commisary here. A detachment is down again today with about 50 carts. Yesterday I done more writeing and today am on guard. We have been bucking hard for orderlies lately. Co. K won for eight straight days but yesterday Co. L. got the decision, after a close rub and today Co. K. was so broken up, (having three detachments out) that we made us fight. While at Orani Saturday I found a little patch of oysters in the bottom of the bay, dived and got, 5 opened and ate my first Oyster dirrect from the salty water.