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December 24, 1904

(Note: The first five pages of this diary related to the trip from Manila to Baguio, but were removed by Mr. Worcester from this copy –which was given by him to Prof. Otto Scherer– doubtless because of personal data which they may have contained. This copy –kindly furnished for this series by Prof. Scherer– therefore begins abruptly with Page 6, after Mr. Worcester had already arrived in Baguio.)

December 24, 1906 (Continued):

out for a ride over the Military Reservation and examined some magnificent views. I took Mr. Forbes to the hill where I hope definitely to purchase a house lot.

The afternoon was spent in transacting business with various sellers, and in visiting Governor and Mrs. Pack. In the evening we had a fine turkey dinner at the Sanitarium.

A telegram was received from Captain Nathorst, who was to have accompanied me on my trip from Vigan and who was at the place purchasing necessary food and a camp outfit, stating that we had been requested from to furnish fifty Igorrots constabulary men for service in Batangas or Samar, and that he desires to go with them, as he did not know how they would behave under a strange officer. He further suggested that Mr. Kane, the supervisor of Lepanto-Bontoc, would meet me at any point which I chose to indicate and would make the trip with me, and inquired whether the suggested arrangement would be satisfactory. I wired to Colonel Baker, the Acting Chief of the Constabulary, [illegible] Nathorst’s telegram and stating that the [illegible] [illegible] suggested would be satisfactory to me is [illegible] was needed elsewhere