August 31–September 1, 1909

On Tuesday morning of the 31 of August at 5 o’clock, as soon as light began to show, we sailed off once again directly south. We watched the nice green islands for the whole day, though they hid themselves once again on Wednesday, the 1st of September. In the afternoon a strong storm arose with thunder and lightening. At about midnight the steamboat stopped because of thick fog, and it was not safe to sail on.

At about 4 o’clock in the morning, we again set out and at 7 o’clock of this same day, we stopped before the town of Zamboanga. A marvellous view of the green palm trees and other tropical trees imprinted itself into my memory for ever. In the town of Zamboanga one battalion of soldiers disembarked (No.3). A plague was running wild in the town, so no one else was allowed to disembark. It was very difficult for us since we were so close to dry land. A great number of Moro children embarked toward our ship and we threw coins into the water for them.

Since they were excellent swimmers they caught every one of them, we had enough fun.

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