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July 24, 1910

On the 24th of July an unexpected command arrived, that our regiment was to sail further on steamboat Samar, we stocked up foodstuffs for several months. We sailed toward the south-west, by the beautiful Tawitawi Islands. In the morning, at 5, stopped at the most splendorous Siasi Island, the pearl of the Sulu
Islands. The sun was just setting and I will never forget this marvellous view and the lovely island. We then had supper and at 8 o’clock we sailed on. We continued in splendid weather over a beautiful peaceful sea. We spread out our blankets over the hard floor of the deck of the ship and laid down to rest. A marvellous full moon shone strongly and I listened and marvelled at the beautiful creation of God for a long time. I also remembered my dear homeland, dear and times past, it was my Godsname. I felt so pleasant and satisfied that I would never forget this nice journey.