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August 31, 1914

The weather is very stormy and there is much rain all day. The Japanese Torpedo-boat Destroyer Shituye runs aground at the little island of Lientao, It is being bombarded by the battery on Point Huitshen and later by the S.M.S. Jaguar. It is a complete loss.

I stand guard at the water reservoir on Moltke Hill. The rubber coats which ate supposed to keep us dry, are completely soaked after only a few minutes’ wear and we are wet to the skin. For two hours I stand in this torrential rain, but after that I am allowed to rest for two hours and then I have to take out the guard to their posts and bring back the retiring guards to the guard house. After two hours I have to stand guard again and am again soaked to the skin, This fun lasts for 24 hours, and duringall this time I was never dry one moment.