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Second Month, 14

Last night we were most generously entertained at the attractive home of Prof. Wm. T. Hilles, a Friend. Another Friend, Dr. Alvin J. Cox, of the Bureau of Science, has been exceedingly hospitable and kind to us. We have met with most sincere courtesy from many Americans in Manila.

This morning found us at the M. E. service for native Filipinos. All are young people, and most of them are connected with the University. Their pastor, E. S. Lyons, informed me that about seventy-five people present represented eight or nine different dialects, and that a good many of them could not understand the speech of each other, but that all understood English. After the preliminary exercises the meeting was turned over to me, and conducted as a Friends’ meeting for worship, after I had explained our method. I spoke on “Faith” from Hebrews 11: 24, and my sermon was preceded by a long period of silent waiting on God. This was very impressive. In many lands and with many races, and among people of vastly different creeds, I have proved that the Friends’ way of worship is so broad and inclusive that those of most diverse faiths and practice can together participate in it. They can all unite in silent prayer or waiting on God. We had a good meeting.