Strike Camp, Middle St., Honolulu, T.H. May 13, 1924

Dear Diary:

Say, there’ll be something going on here on every Saturdays and Sundays from now on. You know what? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s this; there’s going to be dances here every Saturdays and Sundays. Gee, won’t that be fun. You see, Diary, I’m so crazy about dancing. And another thing, we are going to charge the men 10 cents for 3 minutes dance. Gosh, that’s not bad is it? You know, Diary, some-
one thought of this idea, and it is for our own good, ’cause you see, we are very far from “show-houses.” This dancing business is for our benefit so that the place here won’t be as dull every Saturday and Sunday. And I know we girls are going to have lots of fun when that day comes around. Gee, I hope all the girls will be in it. I’m sure Esperanza and Victoria and Sophia will join in—including myself.