Thurs., Nov. 7, 1935

Clear & hot again. Gygax arranged for a hop in the plane, & Lee took me up at 10:00 till nearly 11:00 — up & down coast and over town. Pretty ride. I took the stick for about ten minutes & didn’t wreck it anyway. Nothing to it. I hooked on when we came in & now I am looking for another chance. Changed in 6 minutes & caught the 11:00 boat in. Got coral stuff & pictures, & had lunch with Blacks, Huntsberrys, Christians, Capt. Gygax. The party came back & went over the ship, and stayed & stayed. Finally off at 4:30. I could have kicked that dumbbell Black. He’s entirely too much at home. Dinner at 7:30 with admiral on deck. Pretty setting. They went ashore to dance at 9:30, & I dogged it & went to bed.

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