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June 1, 1941

Battery “G”, 60th CA (AA) was activated on June 1, 1941, in the general reorganization of the 60th CA. Personnel came from Battery “C”, 60th CA, whose strength was greatly augmented by the arrival of a large number of recruits on April 24 (?), 1941, in contemplation of the reorganization. The new battery drew a proportion of the experienced personnel and of the recruits from the parent org­anization and was organized with an initial strength of 124 E.M. under the command of First Lieutenant Aaron A. Abston, CAC.

The following weeks were devoted to the completion of the battery organization, equipping and supplying the men, general training of the gun crews and range sections, and physical hardening of the troops. Gunners’ instruction was carried on to improve the professional knowledge of the men of their material.