December 1, 1941

I bought sheet material from the Red Cross for Nida and the lavandera to sew. They have made three dozen sheets. two dozen surgical coats, and the same number of angel gowns in two weeks. Nida has hemmed triangles, sewed up Treasure bags for Christmas to fill with gifts for sick soldiers in the hospitals. We have worked a long time to prepare for what might happen.

I received a Christmas card from Mme. Sun, signed Soong Ching Ling. Nehru had written her from prison that he was more interested in Indusco than anything he had heard of in a long time and thought there were lessons in it for India.

Later in the evening we heard Romulo’s speech to Young Philippines over the radio. He said to remember we were only sixteen million—that this was a small number in the large picture we Were about to enter—with 400 million Chinese, 70 million Japanese, and other nationalities.

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