December 6, 1941

We worked for the Red Cross. The American School came up from Manila to play Brent School in basketball. There was much esprit de corps and yelling on both sides. All were invited to the Tuesday Club box supper in the pavilion at the country club in the evening. The affair was a huge success as to money and crowd. P460 alone was raised on auction of baskets, The seventy young people from the schools made it colorful and gay with pretty dresses and dancing. A few enlisted men came and some Navy and Clark Field boys. The children were all eyes at their first big party. The club never looked so well. There were large boxes filled with banana trees and tree ferns. In between, there were tall white vases filled with poinsettias. At one end of the hall hung a row of woolen coats made by the women’s club for the Igorots.

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