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December 9, 1941, Tuesday

No telegram. I waited all day for the “other telegram.” I tried again to call Manila; tried so many times that the operator became impatient and answered me that no calls still were allowed through, before I stated the purpose of my lifting the receiver. This afternoon a bridge and mah-jongg party at Hawaiian-Philippine Sugar Central} at the manager’s house. Only one-half of invited guests were there, though written invitations were sent out almost a month before and written acceptances sent in promptly. Regrets were sent by telephone on day of the party.

I wanted to talk to other American ladies and I always feel deep responsibility to put in appearance after accepting bridge date as three others will have ruined afternoon if fourth for game fails to arrive. It was an unhappy group which dispersed early to be home before the blackout. This party was to honor Mrs. Harblentzel, a Swiss, who with her Swiss husband and two daughters had reservations to leave Manila on Clipper, December 26, for United States on six-month vacation.

Honor guest not now leaving, other parties for her cancelled by understanding.