10 December 1941

(Alongside Pier 1 Manila)

1239 Received radio flash “many enemy planes approaching Manila”, Air raid sounded. Sighted 27 heavy bombers almost immediately, approaching from NW very high. Estimated 20,000 feet altitude.

1245 Opened fire with 3″ A.A. – 10 sec. fuses pre-set.

Bursts too low and behind Planes crossed bow and headed toward Cavite. Found azimuth drums could not be set for enough deflection to spot on planes crossing line of fire.

1250 Ceased firing and replaced ammunition, setting fuses to 16 sec.

1255-1258 Fired on second group of about 12 heavy bombers which came up from ahead, passing to port very high. Could not get on in deflection due to inadequate azimuth drum movement.

1300 Second group of planes dropped bombs among merchant vessels huddled in outer harbor. SS SAGAMOND received 2 direct hits and one near miss. Caught fire and sank slowly to deck level in shallow water.

1503-1307 Fired on about 30 heavy bombers which came up from astern, pass ed to port and circled around bow. Unable to get on in deflection. These planes aimed bombs at merchant ships in outer harbor but missed entire group. (All overs)

1355 Nine heavy bombers crossed bow from port to starboard out of range. Did not fire.

Total 6 inch A.A. ammunition expended, 85 round, and 1-2 cans of 50 cal. m.g. ammunition per gun. Ammunition supply kept well ahead of expenditures during intermittent firing.

During the attacks noted bombs were dropped at least once on Nichols Field, and either two or three times on Cavite Navy Yard. On the first of these attacks, apparently with large bombs, large splashes appeared in the harbor and seemed to be mostly misses. Subsequent attacks seemed to hit the Navy Yard, starting large fires almost immediately.

SS OTUS got underway quickly and stood out of Cavite to anchorage near Manila breakwater.

Damage to ships reported later was: SEALION sunk; SEADRAGON, PEARY, PILLSBURY, and BITTERN considerably damaged. OTUS slightly damaged.

1420 Sent fire and rescue party to SS SAGAMOND.

1750 Comsubs (Commander Wilkes) and staff shifted flag from HOLLAND to CANOPUS.

After dark, HOLLAND and OTUS stood out for southern waters.

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