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Thursday, December 11, 1941

It took all morning to get the guest house rearranged so as to take care of the two families. That house contains two big bedrooms, big sala, enormous porch and kitchen. We have eight beds which takes care of us beautifully even when the fathers come up (and we hope that they come often). The morning paper at ten o’clock gave a list of ruined houses. And while our compound was in the midst of it, it was spared — and how thankful I am!! The noon news gave descriptions of the raid and told of Jap losses, 9 planes downed (some manned by Germans), and three transports destroyed while landing the troops in northern Luzon and further destruction of the Jap troops that had landed. Evening news told of our further gains on the American side, successes in Moscow as well as in Libya. So we felt very much better. The fact that Italy and Germany declared war on us that evening did not lower our rising spirits. So we drank to “confusion to the Japs” and went to bed and rested.