Sunday, December 14, 1941

We all awakened fresh after a restful night’s sleep. Carl was a different person, calm and collected. Everybody was hungry for breakfast, and how Ada’s fresh eggs were enjoyed! Carl and George returned to Manila, leaving here about eleven with promises to write and keep up informed. The night’s news said that the Nichols Field area had been bombed again with fires started, and Eleanor (Mrs. Ivory) and I are hoping that our houses are still standing. The rest of the news is good, with the exception that Hong Kong’s not holding out so well. Our score for the week is forty planes downed and fifteen ships sent to the bottom. Not bad when considering that we were fired on while peace negotiations were still in progress. We have rallied, and how, in a week’s time! The Japs’ plans were all laid weeks ago (very probably m Berlin) and German aces brought in the first fleet of planes over Manila. They were ready to go when the zero hour was up, and so they got off first and to a great advantage. But give America time. The boast tonight from Tokyo was that up to now no bombs had fallen there. God pity what will happen to her and the whole of the Japanese Empire when we are ready to start our offensive.

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