Since Dec. 9th we have had an average of five air raid alarms each day, although many times we do not see the planes as they strike elsewhere. On Dec. 15th Nichols Field was severely bombed. Causing many casualties there
as well as in Pasay, the suburb next the air field.

Rumors are rife, such as gas, poisoned water, etc. They are usually found to be false.

Flares are seen each night through the city and towards Nichols Field.

Since the beginning of war, Sternburg [Sternberg] has expanded into a hospital center, using Jai Alai as headquarters and several Colleges as annex-hospitals. Should be able to hospitalize approximately 4000 patients. Everybody has worked very hard, day and night. Many nights I just remain my shoes and take a nap between air raid alarms. Air raid alarms shake one’s nerves to quite a degree.

Trenches have been dug all about the hospital grounds for protection of a kind against bombing and strafing.

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