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Monday, December 15, 1941

Thank Heavens!! The morning paper brought word that the bombing of Nichols Field and the fires started there did not get our houses. We are all organized this morning, and this week Eleanor takes over the superintending of the kitchen. We have a Chinese cook and all food is rationed, even to the servants. The children eat every particle that is served to them and it’s a wonderful experience. Esten doesn’t quite understand and has been sent from the table once for complaining about the food, but bless her little heart, she took the punishment like a little trooper, and I do not think that there will be a murmur out of her from now on. The children have played like little angels, not an argument among them. We fixed a nice play room in the basement of the guest house. It is a big airy open room and there they have their toys and what playthings we brought, including a phonograph with records for the children. They just love it. Oscar brought over a box of balls and they have played at golf (in their fashion) until Bobbie has blisters. They are at play all day, then get their baths and are put to bed about seven o’clock. Our hours are: breakfast at seven, dinner at twelve, and supper at five. Tomorrow we go on daylight saving, so our supper hour will be five-thirty from now on. Everything is so harmonious; it is like a lark for us except for the war. Carl and George and Dave, if he can get away, will be up Christmas Eve. Carl said that he may stay on till the first of the year, as he thinks that the company will close for that length of time. That will be great!! It is so lovely here, Oscar is having to close the factory because of shipping, and he and Carl will have a wonderful rest. We can’t do so very much for the children, but we have planned simple things for them. And Eleanor and the children will give a movie and have a little program. Ada and I are going to make a fruit cake, Carl is bringing a couple of turkeys, and we will celebrate to the “confusion of the Japs” in great style — if our lines are still holding at that time, celebration will be in order!! Tonight’s news says that we are still holding on all fronts but the situation in Hong Kong was “grave”. That is the only bad news coming from all of the stations — English and American.