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Thurs. Dec. 18/41

I wonder if we will have a raid today. Two days now with none and we are all breathing easier. Life is getting back to normal except that there are not so many people in the streets. We changed our minds about the air raid shelter, and filled the hole back in again, and got Mr. Cruz to help us cement in the stones. (Forgot to say that we that we had a nice Study Meeting yesterday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Cruz, Mr. Misos and Rizalina.) Today, about two o’clock, as we were working at the side of the house, I heard a roaring sound of motors, but did not pay any attention, as no siren had sounded, and I did not think that enemy planes could be around. All at once you heard a deep thrrrr!!! uuuummmmmmmmpinh!!! of bombs not far away. And once you hear them you will always be able to recognize them. They do not sound like guns. We looked into the sky and sure enough, they were there. Six bombers had sneaked in and dropped their bombs on Nichols Field and no warning was given. Four more came in, but were met with a hail of anti-aircraft fire. I do not think they did much damage, and one was shot down. Hong Kong is being besieged and we wonder about Tom and Jim. The fighting is quite serious near Penang. The Japanese are headed for Singapore. Ground activity here in the Philippine Islands has been nil. We finished our masonry job. Willie and Leo came over to see us. All is as usual in Pasay. All of Guadalupe and Pinagkaisahan have been evacuated except those who were not families of soldiers. Theymust care for themselves. This is a nerve-wracking life.