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Sat. Dec. 20/41

Had a quiet night. The enemy does not appear to like to bomb at night. Japanese landed on Victoria Island. (Hong Kong) Nothing new from Singapore, but it looks more serious all the time. Air raid warning came today at 12:30 p.m., and the planes appeared at 12:45 p.m. They circled and circled, sometimes right over our house, and we started several times to make a dash for the back room, which is the safest. They were very high, and due to the bright sun we could not see them. A few clouds kept them from getting their sights on their objective, but about the
second or third time over they dropped their “eggs.” Then they seemed to circle towards Camp Murphy. No news yet of damage, and can see no fires. I need a haircut badly, and I wish the all clear would sound so I could go down towards San Andres. What a life! Why do men have to fight like this? Leo came to see us this morning on his bicycle. He thinks a convoy will come through from America about the tenth of January. My guess is about the first. Hard to say! Well, there goes the signal, so I will be off. I got my haircut all right, took a shower, and then cooked some hot cakes for Cecil. Went to bed about eight.