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Saturday, December 20, 1941

Sit in complete darkness every evening, even put papers over radio on porch so light inside will not show. All windows not yet covered with paper and cloth, and was sent message that house had been reported three times for showing light covered in heavy dark cloth. Covered lights not sufficient, windows must be closed and covered or else no lights on. In tropics this is difficult order so many sit in darkness on black porches or solas, wherever breeze is strongest. With no mail service between islands or outside world we are learning to rely on inner resources for topics of conversation. The only news is on the radio and that is guarded and incomplete, as we know from eyewitness reports of Iloilo bombing, compared with single brief mention of bombing on radio. Wish had kept old magazines but these I burned when packing, or tacked over windows of nursery—only blacked-out room in house.