December 8-24, 1941

Early news of bombing Pearl Harbor, unbelievable in view of latest negotiations of Japanese representatives in Washington. Later in a.m. reports of bombing in Baguio and Clark Field. It was decided to send the [National City] Bank families to Canlubang [Golf Club on the Calamba Sugar Estate about 30 miles south of Manila] after Madrigal gave us the use of the [club etc. Fred’s driver took Althea and Caroline Jane [hereafter known as CJ] and the Dyson’s in my car. Left car at Canlubang. I took the bag which Althea packed with silver jewelry and keepsakes to the bank. All the bank wives except Chris Sperry and Lois Spering went to Canlubang. We had phone connection every day and one or more of the men stayed at the club. I was there for several days, December 17-22, and drove my car home with Dr. Strong and Mrs. Irwin as passengers. I was also there for the weekend of the 13th. The situation became more difficult on December 24th and we brought the families home [to Manila].

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