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Wed. Dec. 24/41

Cecil and I go to Pasay to talk things over with the other boys. Decide to move back to F. Fernando, as no use to pay rent in two places, and we better be all together in case of emergency. Volunteer for any kind of work at Manila Sanitarium. We visited old Mr. Funk who is there. He is pretty sick and weak. Had three raids today. Saw one plane hit by the anti-aircraft fire. The Port Area was hit at noon, and quite a bit of damage was done-many killed and wounded. Forty more transports are supposed to be landing troops on the shore of Tayabas Province. Got things ready to move on the morrow. This is Christmas Eve, but what kind of a Christmas is this? Very quiet in the p.m. but we saw a dogfight over Malate and Pasay. We heard that three Japanese planes were shot down, but we could not see. Encouraged seeing a number of American fighter-planes in the air. Time bombs kept going off during the night, and we could not sleep very well. Large fires burning in vicinity of Nichols Field.