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Wednesday, December 24, 1941

John left early this morning, and as there was a chance of getting to the city before Carl and George left for Lusacan Bob went with him. In case he fails to get in touch with Carl and George, he will return by train tonight. That dear, he just had to have Christmas gifts for the children — he’s such a sweetheart. Then came the eight o’clock news telling of successful landings in Tayabas (not so far from us) and also reinforcements were landed in Lingayen. This was disturbing and I knew that Carl was moving heaven and earth to get to us if it was that serious. So Oscar, Ada and I held a conference and decided that we would go right on as per schedule with our household plans, and if it were possible that the children would have their Christmas. And while I must have felt av ery great deal as our earliest Grandmothers did in times of trouble, we went right on with our work; shampooing, Xmas parcels, program to rehearse, turkeys to stuff and cookies to coat. Eleanor took chsrge of the children and Ada and I took over the kitchen. Miss Gaiety came by about eleven and said that it was not so bad up Atimonan way. Lunch and then baths: I was just finishing Bobbie’s hair when we heard the daddies at the gate and with them was Bob. Carl said on arrival that we must pack and return immediately, that he had not stopped even long enough to pick up from his desk the Christmas gifts he had there for us. But I said no, we would wait longer, that I did not want to leave before Christmas dinner the next day at 1:00 if it were safe for us there till then. We talked it over and it was decided that we would stay. Then we gave the men lunch and proceeded to relax. Whatever news there was would be broadcast immediately over the radio. So that was that, After the lunch the children put on a rehearsal for the servants, and the remainder of the afternoon passed very nicely. About five o’clock a truck load of native soldiers arrived for rest and we sent over by the children under Carl’s care, coffee, cigarettes, and the children’s own offering of chocolates which Carl had brought for them. After supper and the children’s usual romp with Bob we helped them hang their stockings and saw them off to bed. Then the tree which Ada had made (description) was brought up and gifts laid around. I was tired and so had a good night’s rest.