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Thursday, December 25, 1941

Day dawned bright and clear, end as I was in charge I went immediately to the kitchen but Ada had beat me to it and already had one of the turkeys in. (We had to cook one at a time as they were so large.) Then came the children with their stockings. After a substantial breakfast, we had our Christmas tree — and what a happy time the children had! The Ivorys had no gifts except what we had got for each other here in Lusacan so our lovely big Christmas box which Dave had brought all the way across the States and the Pacific Ocean to make sure that we received our gifts from all of the folks at home, we did not open, as I expect to take it beck to Manila, After the tree came the program, and the children were so sweet. Esten was the announcer, and every child had a part. Bobbie recited the poem as George turned the Movie. Each child had made pictures representing the poem — and it was good. Esten’s Christmas Tree, fireplace, and Santa were all there. Bobbie had done shepherds. After this we left the guest house for the children and after getting things in order with the cook I went out to join Bob, George and Carl in a bridge game. We were having lots of fun when we heard boom, boom, boom and a fleet of planes go over. The radio went off the air and we did not know where the damage was done, but in a very few minutes time, the watchman on top of the factory said that it was San Pablo. So Bob and Carl set out to see what help they could render as the town was going up in smoke. They were back for dinner but from then on there was much traffic and passing of Army trucks, tanks, etc. It was decided that our things would he packed and that we would return with Carl the next morning, This, I thought a good idea as it would make ample room for the Rhudies. The Ivorys decided to return with us, but Oscar and Ada would stay on.