December 26, 1941

Had a fine night’s sleep last night, except that I was too cold. After sweltering in the tunnel the night before, I went to bed without a blanket last night and almost froze. Unusual condition in this climate. The air is fresh, and the view from the second floor of this building is worth a million. We are gradually picking up the threads of business from this end, and are getting things organized. It is difficult to work here because we have such poor communications with the outside world. Only one wire to Manila, and such a tremendous amount of business to transact over it that it is almost impossible to get the work done. However, we are managing to get a few things done. This is my wedding anniversary, but not a particularly happy one. Here’s hoping this little international misunderstanding will be settled by next year this time, and I’ll be back in the U.S.A. where I can celebrate properly. The situation in the north is not very good, and our line is being forced back. Our troops are not standing up too well under fire, due to lack of training and discipline. Down south the Japs have landed at Antimonan and are working over the mountains. The road has been blown up and will cause some delay. The situation is better there.

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