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December 27, 1941

Had a better night’s sleep last night, because I had a blanket. The air was fine and there was quite a breeze through the room. Got to bed about 11:30 which is my usual bedtime, or thereabouts. Get up about 7 a.m. Not my usual eight hours but pretty good for wartime. We keep one officer on duty all night. Went up north today on inspection to see how troops are being supplied. Went to see Gen. Wainwright’s headquarters at Bamban first. Bataan was being bombed as we went north, and everyone was checking for cover. We went over to Bataan from here in an old fishing boat, but it made fair time. Had a car waiting for us at Cabcaben. Along the road everyone tried to flag us down on account of the air raids being staged by the Japs. However we moved right along. Japs aren’t trying to drop bombs on single cars. Got to Bamban about 4:30 p.m.—talked with G-4 and received no complaints. He said plenty of supplies on hand. Had dinner with Gen. Wainwright, then moved north again to see Gen. Weaver, Tank C.O. Found him at San Miguel. He reported loss of 20 tanks which were cut off. Arranged some aviation gas for his tanks. Left San Miguel about midnight and returned south, passing through Bamban and turning off at San Fernando in route to Q.M. Depot at Guagua.