December 28, 1941

Moving from one room to another all day as they kept bringing more people in. Finally to another dorm on the first floor. Very little to eat except something cold out of a can. They finally let me go downstairs to get something out of my bag. They cut the thick fire escape rope net right in front of our eyes and this left us no way to get out except by the one stairs. Several people lighted primus stoves and I was terrified for fear they would upset. The fire hazards and no food laid me out. | saw a number of men break down and weep because of the hunger of the children. The invaders kept shoving us about which prevented our organizing and they would not permit us to go downstairs to get our belongings. They took all our flashlights, our big bag of chocolate candy and P200 from under Jerry’s pillow the first night. The whole night was a bad dream of stamping feet, clanking bayonets and guttural orders.

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