1 Jan. ’42

An ominous New Year. Fires and looting started. High Commissioner Aide phoned all law out of control. Japanese forces to outer city today. Contacted the High Commissioner’s Office and the Red Cross for information and advice. Commander Sumner Cheever, U.S.Navy, fell off the main building, a distance of about 60 feet and died in a few minutes. After securing a Philippine Coroner a Board of Investigation was held. It’s findings was “in line of duty”, injuries, multiple, extreme, following an accidental fall. Wonder when this startling news can reach the Navy Department. Body sent to the Army Morgue. The usual evening walk. The Japanese troops are entering the city and as they pass the neighboring internee camp, lusty cheers were heard,. we wondered when conditions would be reversed and we could do the cheering. Fires and looting near and fear of invasion of our compound. Capt. Wilterdink, Supply Corps, admitted this date with appendicitis, chronic.

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