Saturday, January 3, 1942

The High Commissioner, Mr. Sayre, ran a notice in the paper saying that all American places of business must open and operate as usual. Carl and Bill, again despite prayerful pleas from Jane and me, MUST go to work!! They Ieft the house before nine with promises to call us on arrival at the office —no call. Finally a Mrs. Berger called to say that she had seen them and they asked her to call and say they were all right. They were in a truck being taken to the Japanese Primary School. Our neighbor went out to see if he could help them. At 2:10 they got home, hungry and foot sore. The car had been commandeered but was returned to them on the way back home. They were told to stay home, and now I hope they obey orders. A company truck that was here at the house was also commandeered. The Japanese men who came to get it were ever so nice. I told them that I regretted that they did not enter the city in time to put a quicker stop to the looting.

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