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Dec. 24, 1941 – Jan. 4, 1942

The battalion (less Company “B”) was ordered to move to Corregidor. At 10:15 A.M. , the battalion (less Companies “B” and “C”) started by boat for Corregidor, arriving at 2 AM. on25 Dec. There was insufficient space on the boat for Company “C”, which unit remained at Manila awaiting transportation.

The battalion (less “B” and “C”) was quartered in the long barracks on topside and were there during the heavy bombing raid of 29 Dec (12:00 noon to 3:00 P.M), suffering the first casualties of the regiment, having two killed (CPL Earl Petrimouly and PVT George Gensel, both of Company “D”) and six wounded.

During the period on Carregidor the battalion furnished work details for the commanding officer of the harbor defenses. After the bombing raid of 29 Dec, LTC Bowes made an urgent request to move the unit to beach defense positions. This was not approved, but the battalion moved at 2:00 A.M. 30 Dec by boat and barge to Cabeaben, Bataan -arriving at about 7:00 A.M. 30 Dec., and from there moved by bus to Hermosa, where it rejoined the regiment.

On 30 Dec the ist Battalion plus one battalion each of the 57th Infantry (PS) and 71st Infantry (PA), were constituted as a provisional regiment under LTC Doane, 31st Infantry, and the battalion moved to a position near Culis.

On 4 Jan the battalion rejoined the 31st Infantry on its return to Culis from the Olangapo Trail.