January 6, 1942

My theory that the greatest evil that ever befell mankind, the most harmful power that exists, is fear turns out to be correct insofar as I am concerned. I was so frightened during the night that my so-called mind dashed about my head like a fire-crazed horse. I went to bed with beer and book last night, and went to sleep eventually. Hours later I was awakened by loud hammering on all three doors, much loud and excited talk. I was paralyzed with fright, but I dashed into a housecoat, roused the old Frenchman from sleep, and the night watchman who was sleeping peacefully, too. We watched quietly from the window the rabble that was trying to break into the house. I dared not show any indication that we had heard, but I slipped into my office and telephoned to the Bay View Hotel asking the Filipino operator to connect me with any Japanese officer who spoke English. He did so and I asked the officer to look into the street and see what was happen-
ing, and to protect my house. Shortly after, the wild mob of Japs were taken into custody by the Japanese hotel guard. They were civilian Japanese wearing their internee arm bands and they had obviously decided that my cocktail lounge would furnish them with liquor with which to celebrate the internment of the Americans. I’ve been scared ever since the beginning but I’ve never been so frightened in all my life—utter fear is a horrible sensation. I shall never let it get me again, never!

Everybody hasn’t been taken yet. The phone has been ringing all day, people waiting for the tumbrils and
wanting to know about me. Janson, the Swedish consul, came to see me today and we went to see Mary, who isn’t very well. The Japs left her at home when they took Fred, she was so ill. Fred weighs about two hundred and forty pounds and today I heard he got noble and gave his mattress to a lady (we hope) in Santo Tomas that first night. Now he claims he is first cousin to a waffle iron. Mary is wonderful, keeps up her spirits and shows no sign of fear. Her servants are standing by. She thinks this is only for registration but I am not so sure. After all, we locked the Japs up.

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