January 6, 1942

We had our usual visit from the Japs today at about noon. I am glad to see them come in at about that time each day, as it indicates that they are still operating from Formosa. When they begin to bomb at all hours of the day we will know that they are based on Luzon. They are nibbling at us every day, as it is almost impossible to drop bombs here without hitting some- thing. Today they sunk a tug and President Quezon’s yacht, the Casiana. She was a nice ship. If we had sufficient weapons and ammunition to do this thing properly, we could knock down so many planes each day that the Japs would find it very expensive. As it is, they fly so high that most of the AA guns can’t reach them effectively. We don’t have a tremendous amount of AA ammunition and when it is expended the Japs will be able to bomb at will. Unless we receive additional stocks I anticipate that this island will be torn up from one end to the other. Of course, our other supplies are short too, but our AA ammunition will be the first item to be exhausted. As it is now, they hit the water mains frequently, and have cut the power lines several times. We have three auxiliary lighting plants in the tunnel to provide light when the power lines are hit, but they are not, as yet, working in a satisfactory manner. A number of casualties today. A so-called bomb proof was hit, about 30 casualties there.

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