8 Jan 1942

The hills on the bank of Lake DIWA (*1) glistened in the cold of the last few days, as pure white snow had been falling. This morning the snow stopped falling, but it was extremely cold. Today was War Commemoration Day (the first time since the abolishment of Public Service Day) and a celebration was held. Today was the first anniversary of the great war. This morning’s paper announced a large increase in direct taxes: Taxes on electricity, gas (a tax of 10 per cent for each YEN over three YEN), advertising, pari-mutuel tickets, and the like, were levied for the first time. In the evening edition, it was announced that postal rates would be increased from four – SEN to five SEN on first class mail.

The Bank of JAPAN (*2) abolished the gold standard. In these days of currency control, regulations change like lightning. In the big cities, bean paste, soy, and salt are rationed. We must be prepared to do anything for the sake of victory in the war.

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