January 8, 1942

A very quiet day as far as I am concerned. We had no bombing again today, which caused much speculation as to reasons. My idea is that the Japs are getting everything in readiness, servicing all planes in preparation for coordinated attack against Abucay position. Their continued success will depend, to a large extent, on initial attack there. If it fails, our troops have a good chance to continue to hold. If that line is broken we are almost certain to be defeated in Bataan unless our troops stiffen considerably.

Today we are starting on the second month of the war. Much has happened in that month and I am hoping that the tide will turn before the end of the second month. At that time we should be in position to do something other than “take it.” Morale here is good considering the fact that we are now bottled up and can do nothing except wait for help and hope for the best. Had another report on rations today which was slightly better than the first one. We should get along fairly well on the present subsistence in Bataan for at least two months—possibly more, unless losses from bombing are heavy. I expect that the final check on rations in Bataan will disclose still more. Our mess here is just outside the east tunnel entrance, but it is being moved inside today, as a bomb would ruin equipment which would be hard to replace. Water is still being rationed due to breaks in mains made by bombing two days ago. May be finished tonight.

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