Saturday, Jan. 10, 1942

Spent the morning in a long conference with Overseer Vargas, Messrs. Tiongson, Cabe, Villegas and other members of my staff left at Lagao about the looting of the store, Overseer Vargas agreed to assume the entire cost of the missing goods,

I gathered that the commotion was largely caused by Captain Bautista who unduly advised the people in Lagao to evacuate immediately because the Japanese were allegedly already in Mamoñgon, Believing that the information was true, some employees and settlers broke into the store and carried away as much of the stock as they could to prevent it from falling into the Japanese hands. The shortcoming of Overseer Vargas in this regard was his failure to carry out mv instructions to the letter in that the store should be burned only if and when the Japanese have actually landed at Dadiangas.

Also had a meeting with the barrio lieutenants about the looting of the store and the planting of more camotes and the harverting of cotton; told them that if they would fail to harvest tieir cotton because they were at their evacuation places, the Administration would not extent to them any further help.

Had for luncheon lMr. Tiongson, Overseer Vargas, Supervising Overseer Larrabaster, Lt. ____, and Lt. Harold Miller, Assistant Procurement Officer, who arrived at 12:30 p.m. from Cotabato.

In the afternoon, inspected the store bodegas where an inventory of the missing goods was being taken. Mr. Tiongson, Overseer Vargas and Aquino were with me. Instructed Overseer Vargas and the store oersonnel to shoot any person who may attempt to loot the store.

From the boderas, went to inspect the piggery and poultry projects, thence proceeded to see Capt. Olivares at Dadiangas. After a brief talk with him about tronsportation for him and his men in the event they have to be evacuated, returned to Lagao to listen to the radio.

At 12:30 and 4:00 p.m. two Japanese planes were seen flying toward the Sarangani Bay.

Played bridge with Mr. Tiongson, Mr. Santos and Mr. Roque after dinner.

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