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Monday, Jan. 12, 1942

Before leaving Bañga in the morning, had another conference with Mr. Morrow, Overseer Ybiernas and Asst. Overseer Loreto regarding the repairs to the road between Marbel and Bañga, so as to put it in such a condition that it will be free from mudholes where trucks and small motor vehicles often get stuck. I pointed out to them how this work could be done in a practical way and said I wanted it started as early as possible.

I told Mr. Morrow that if before I had not taken part in this work it was because of my consideration to him and the members of his engineering staff. Also told Overseer Ybiernas that the success of this activity would depend partly upon his ability to put the required number of men which the engineering division may consider sufficient to put the road in passable condition all the time; that until the road was placed to my entire satisfaction every able-bodied man, settler and dependent should be made to work on the road at least one day a wekk and that any one who fails to co one day’s work on tine road without justifiable reason should be ejected from the settlement.