January 13, 1942

Still no bombing here, although they are getting it all the time in Bataan. Of course, the planes being used over there are only observation, pursuit, and light bombers. However, that is enough. Even though the Japs have such complete mastery of the air at present, there seem to be very few casualties resulting from air attacks. Their chief value seems to be in the fact that they are always there, and present a constant threat. Of course there is also a morale effect, particularly against untrained troops. They have been attacking the left of the 57th again today—as well as the right of the 41st Division [Philippine Army]. The 57th is reported to have been pushed back to the Regimental Reserve Line on the left. A counterattack has been ordered, but the results are not yet known. There is some kind of “funny business” going on up there which it is hard to fathom from this distance. The reports of Jap methods of operation indicate that they filter through the main line and then attack from the rear, thus causing the entire line to fall back. I can’t understand how they get through the mainline in the first place.

I still have a beastly cold, and feel like the dickens. Am staying outside as much as I can to get the fresh air, and get rid of the cold.

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