Tues. Jan. 13/42

Willie has a job helping prepare food in the Red Cross kitchen for the children. Cecil is on the clean-up gang at the annex. Leo is still on the messenger job at the front gate, and Ernest is still interpreter at the main office, filling a good job. I am to be called when my unit has another job, but also slated to be a cook’s helper when the Red Cross sets up some field kitchens to feed everybody community style. We hear this is to be done soon, and we hope so, as all are tired of this lunching business, and some people do not have much to eat. I am looking forward to my cooking job, as it will be something to do. One ought to get enough to eat anyway! Some think we may get pretty thin by the time we get out of here! (How true that turned out to be) Some of the friends came to see us today – Mr. Misos, Mr. Cruz, Salud, Andresa, Mr. Sarmiento.

Pedro and Peping have been here several times.

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